We cover all areas, from interior decorating to home staging and styling, personal shopping, decluttering and wardrobe reorganising. Our packages have been designed at affordable prices that give you optimum results. We can cater to your individual needs, tailoring the packages to suit your project, and extending on an hourly basis where needed. If you do choose more than two packages together, discounts will be applied. Please make contact to discuss your project.

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The perfect start to bringing harmony and balance to your home or business

1.5 hours 

Personalised Shopper

The voice of reason and empowering good decisions

2 hours min    

Property Staging 

Optimising the return of your investment

3 hours


Refresh, shop with confidence + mood board 

4.5 hours    

Wardrobe Makeover

Organising and enhancing your inner style

3 hours

Decorate via Correspondence

Guiding your decorating decisions via correspondence

3 hours